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Kalman filter(fixed point version)

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Tracking a Ball in a Video using Kalman Filter



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In this implementation of tracking a ball, we will track a live ball using Kalman filter. The tracking will switch to autorun mode when the sight of the ball is lost and Kalman will estimate the motion based on it's previous states
There are two models. One model is a simple simulation of the fixed point version of Kalman filter. It reads a video with a ball moving along a ramp and tracks the motion of the ball.

The second model Targets the TI DSP. This Model generates code for the TI DSP.

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sadaf Shahid

where is the code?


Prerak (view profile)


Updated license


This submission has the library and the simulink model combined. It also has an addition of Simulink model and a Video file for Simulation. Documention for each model has been added.

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MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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