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myslicer - make mouse-interactive slices of a 3-D volume

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A minimal "slicer" for the exploration of 3-D volumes using mouse interaction



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The code includes a minimalistic software for interactive exploration of 3-D volumes. Its key feature is that the slices may be moved using the mouse pointer. Minimalistic means that it does not contain any junk and thus integrates nicely with your existing Matlab routines. The command myslicer.m may be used to display a volume, or you may call the command slice3i.m to generate a single (interactive) slice from a volume. Apart from volume data, slice direction and slice number, these commands also support the inclusion of a transformation matrix to position your volume in 3-D space. This matrix allows for anisotropic voxles, translation, rotation etcetera.

The code is short and may easily be modified for your own needs. The slice3i.m command gives back a handle to the slice, meaning that you may manipulate it with set/get commands like any Matlab graphics primitive. And you can easily delete it.

Run demo.m to discover the key features of the package.

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David Legland

David Legland (view profile)

simple but useful, I appreciate the possibility to manage non cubic voxels



Added a better description.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

Inspired by: image3

Inspired: Slicer

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