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Datetick Zoom, Pan & Subplot with Day of Year

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Date formatted tick labels, auto updated when zoomed or panned with Day of Year formats added.

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This is an addendum to DATETICK2 which allowed time axis re-labeling when the plot is zoomed or panned. Day of Year format sets were added to the time label formats.

x = [733043:pi/10:733043+2*365];
y = sin((x-733043)/30)+rand(size(x));
grid on
set(gcf,'color',[1 1 1]);

Then zoom or pan as needed and the time axis will update the tick marks.

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Yan (view profile)

There's one Pick of the Week called zoomAdaptiveDateTicks

which is <20 lines and works great.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

Inspired by: Datetick with zooming panning and subplots

Inspired: cbdate

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