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Datetick Zoom, Pan & Subplot with Day of Year

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Datetick Zoom, Pan & Subplot with Day of Year


David (view profile)


Date formatted tick labels, auto updated when zoomed or panned with Day of Year formats added.

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File Information

This is an addendum to DATETICK2 which allowed time axis re-labeling when the plot is zoomed or panned. Day of Year format sets were added to the time label formats.

x = [733043:pi/10:733043+2*365];
y = sin((x-733043)/30)+rand(size(x));
grid on
set(gcf,'color',[1 1 1]);

Then zoom or pan as needed and the time axis will update the tick marks.


Datetick With Zooming Panning And Subplots inspired this file.

This file inspired Cbdate.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)
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24 Nov 2009 Yan

Yan (view profile)

There's one Pick of the Week called zoomAdaptiveDateTicks

which is <20 lines and works great.

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