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MATLAB video player for mmreader-objects.



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Video player to access single video frames for further processing. (e.g.: annotations, retrieve coordinates of single pixels, etc)

The player can either be controlled using its GUI or remotely by method calls.

It also features various events and properties allowing the user to keep track of the player state and playback process.

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PLeyva (view profile)

Excellent tool. Is it possible to load a vector of initial frames to make the "Jump to Frame" automatically?

Hi. This is a very useful and very well design video object and video frames player. I was just wondering how I can embed this into a figure? Am quite new to GUIs in matlab. Thanks in advance!


Ketan (view profile)

This is a good video frame viewing tool. Very easy to build upon.

Shachar -

Very nice player. Makes a great start for matlab video related applications. Thanks
I saw that you indicated somewhere in the code the plan to speed it up with buffering. Did you ever get around to it?
Thanks Again

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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