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Image Measurement Utility

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Image Measurement Utility


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27 Nov 2009 (Updated )

Interactive tool allowing the measurement of distances, radii, and angles in images

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Image Measurement Utility

Interactive tool allowing the measurement of distances, radii, and angles in images

This tool is intended to aid measuring on images. In order to do this the image needs to have some visual scale to calibrate the pixel to length ratio on, e.g. scale bar, ruler.

It can measure:
- the distance between points
- the perpendicular distance between a line and a point
- the length of a spline
- the radius of a circle
- the angle of the intersection of two lines
All measurements can be deleted or modified afterwards.

The tool is intended for high quality measurements, and is therefore build around tools like "imline" from the image processing toolbox. These tools are powerful because they allow you to select, zoom, re-adjust, and than confirm your selection. Nevertheless, a "quick" selection option is added to allow measurements with less mouse clicks (also useful for users whom don't have the IP toolbox).

The tool can handle batches of images, allowing measurements on several images with only one calibration. This also allows for measurements where a different image was used to calibrate the scale on.

The results can be saved to the workspace and to a text file (which can be read in excel as a .csv). Additionally two image save options are provided, i.e. PNG and PDF, where the PNG version also anti-aliases the image.

Finally, help is provided in the form of a status bar guiding the user through the process, complemented with readable tooltips and a full help readme, accessible from the interface.

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