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Compound Poisson simulation

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benchmarks several versions of code for generating Compound Poisson random variables



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Compound Poisson random variables are of the form S=X1+...+XN where the Xj are iid random variables and N is random with the Poisson distribution. Compound Poisson variables have many applications in physics and finance.

This file benchmarks several codes for generating 1 million random samples from a Compound Poisson distribution where the terms are Lognormal with mu=0 and sigma=1 and the Poisson frequency is 10.

The run times vary by a factor of more than 200 between the fastest and slowest versions (in R2009b). Interestingly, the fastest code is 10 times faster than the neat 1-liner that uses ARRAYFUN.

Requires POISSRND (Statistics Toolbox) and RANDRAW (FEX #7309).

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

Inspired by: RANDRAW

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