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RF Design and Analysis

RF Design and Analysis



A collection of functions, scripts, & Simulink models useful for designing and analyzing RF systems

stripline (H, Z0, EpsR)
% STRIPLINE  Calculate the required width of a stripline
%    [W] = STRIPLINE (H, Z0, EpsR) 
%      H is the height
%      Z0 is the required characteristic impedance
%      EpsR is the relative dielectric constant
%      W is the required width

function [W] = stripline (H, Z0, EpsR)

x = 30*pi/sqrt(EpsR)/Z0 - 0.441;

if (sqrt(EpsR)*Z0 < 120),
  Wbyb = x;
  Wbyb = 0.85 - sqrt(0.6 - x);

W = Wbyb*H;

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