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RF Design and Analysis

RF Design and Analysis



A collection of functions, scripts, & Simulink models useful for designing and analyzing RF systems

% CONSTANTS Script defining useful constants for scientific calculation

e = exp(1);          %Base of the natural logarithms
c = 2.998E8;         %Speed of light in free space (m/s)
kb = 1.38E-23;       %Boltzmann's constant (J/K)
qe = 1.602E-19;      %Charge of electron (C)
eps0 = 8.854E-12;    %Permittivity of free space (F/m)
h = 6.63E-34;        %Planck's constant (J*s)
epsSi=eps0*11.8;     %Permittivity of silicon (F/m)
epsOx=eps0*3.9;      %Permittivity of SiO2 (F/m)
Mu0=4*pi*1E-7;       %Permeability of free space (H/m)
SigmaCu=5.813E7;     %Conductivity of copper (S/m)
Troom=300;           %Room Temperature (K)   

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