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RF Design and Analysis

RF Design and Analysis



A collection of functions, scripts, & Simulink models useful for designing and analyzing RF systems

uniquepcnt(a, PCNT)
% UNIQUEPCNT Set unique, ignoring roundoff error.
%   UNIQUEPCNT(A, PCNT) for the array A returns the same values as in A but
%   with no repetitions (within PCNT percent).  A will also be sorted.

function [b] = uniquepcnt(a, PCNT)

% Convert matrices and rectangular empties into columns
if length(a) ~= prod(size(a)) | (isempty(a) & any(size(a)))
   a = a(:);
b = unique(sort(a));
a = [b(1)];

for num = 2:length(b),
   if ((b(num) - b(num - 1)) >= PCNT/100*b(num)),
      a = [a;b(num)];

b = a;

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