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3-PRR Planar Parallel Manipulator Analysis GUI

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GUI for analysis of manipulability, workspace and path tracking of a 3-PRR manipulator



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The developed GUI implements the Forward and Inverse kinematics of a 3-PRR planar parallel manipulator. It provides options to modify the geometry of the manipulator. Yoshikawa and condition number manipulability of the manipulator can be evaluated. Maximal, dexterous and constant orientation workspace of the manipulator can be evaluated. Path tracking performance analysis can be performed for different simulation inputs.

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amin amini

Mirko Matosin

Error: File: PRR3_GUI_2.m Line: 1091 Column: 10
Function with duplicate name "yoshi_manipulability_button_Callback" cannot be defined.



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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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