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Reads in a Neuralynx NVT Cheetah binary file into Matlab



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This function reads in a NeuraLynx NVT file (with filename fn) into matlab assuming the format has a 16Kb ascii header and then a repeating binary record given by the following format
(variablename, variabletype, number_in_a_row)
% 'swstx','uint16',1;
% 'swid','uint16',1;
% 'swdata_size','uint16',1;
% 'TimeStamp','uint64',1;
% 'dwPoints','uint32',400;
% 'sncrc','int16',1;
% 'Xloc','int32',1;
% 'Yloc','int32',1;
% 'Angle','int32',1;
% 'dntargets','int32',50;
% };

The code is structured in such a way to make it very easy to modify to read in ANY binary file which contains a header and then a repeating sequence of binary records of a fixed length and appended binary variables simply by modifying this RecordFormat variable, so this should have some more general use as well.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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