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IEEE 802.11n WLAN File Update

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Simulink model of 802.11n wireless LAN physical layer (baseband), supporting many diff rates.

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See the paper describing the model at:

Wireless LAN Comes of Age: Undersanding the IEEE 802.11n
Amendment by Thomas Paul and Tokunbo Ogunfunmi,
IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, First quarter 2008,
pp. 28-54. 2008.

See the paper describing the model in IEEE Xplore at

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Ye Lwin Oo

Hi everyone,
How can I get other channel coefficients of TGn channel models for STBC function and other antenna configurations apart from 2x2.
Thanks in advance


Jones (view profile)

Hi, this is how I solved the "unable to run" problem. I almost met all the problems mentioned in this dialog.
1) in matlab command window, cd C:/whereYourProjectRootFolderIs, thereafter 80211a_lib can be found. Simulink is unlike matlab, running a modle does not change the present working directory to the current one.
2) run 80211n.mdl, it asks for XXXXX2 models, for example "commdigbbndam2", change it to XXXXX3. change all the similar problem you met in the same way. Some are in 80211n.mdl, one is in 80211a_lib.mdl
3) in command window, type command slupdate('80211n',0). The last one would solve your "this and that cannot be found or cannot be initialized" problem.


Well mer baek after half a n h0our poking arround the block problem , I've just decide go the hard way open the 80211.a lib mdl anthe main mdl and serach an replace commdigbbndam2 with commdigbbndam3, now just my priblem is thentgn chanel canno't read teh.mat file for channel taps..

This demo supposed to use out-of-date communication library. It is commdigbbndam2.
I think Matlab does not support it any more.
So, there are many errors, when I try to run simulation.
If any one knows how to migrate this library to new one, please let us know.
I hope that the author is able to update this demo with latest matlab version.



Reo (view profile)

Thank you for providing such a good module.
But I need to use 802.11n to simulate multi-user transmission. What changes to how to use this module.

Tanyer Alan

Tanyer Alan (view profile)

pavel bonder

Hi everyone,
Whenever i run 80211nsimulink it shows error
Error in 'ieee80211n/MATLAB graphics/graphics' while executing M-File S-function 'IEEE80211n_udg', flag = 2 (update), at time 0.0034944. MATLAB error message:
Nonscalar arrays of function handles are not allowed; use cell arrays instead

Any idea?

Thanks in advance

Ivanciu Laura

Hello everyone,
i've downloaded this update and now it works just fine, no errors. i'm using R2009b,



Hi everyone,
Whenever i run 80211nsimulink it shows error
"Failed to find library 'commsequence2' referenced by 'ieee80211n/Demodbank/DecodeBankViterbi/Demodulator 1/Insert Zero1'. This library must be on your MATLAB path."

How can i get rid off this error...


Mr. Tokunbo Ogunfunmi

I downloaded this Simulink model but there is a problem in S- parameters of
Error in S-function 'ieee80211n/PER calculation/Variable Integer Delay': S-Function 'sdspvidly2' does not exist.

pls update, and pls help me in completing my project work ...
which is almost related to this simulink model...

i am searching for TGn Channel D model ...
for my project work...

I download "IEEE 802.11n WLAN File Update" but how I can able to open this model, bc it requires open with

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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