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Vectorized set_param

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Set multiple Simulink® systems and block parameters in a single call.



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Are you like me and finding yourself wanting to change the parameters of multiple Simulink objects at once? Do you run find_system only to then take the output and use it in a for loop that calls set_param? Are you tired of your for loop crashing because a block name has a carriage return or an apostrophe? Well if this is you, I have a simple utility that can make life easier.
SET_PARAMS(OBJECTS,'PARAMETER1',VALUE1,'PARAMETER2',VALUE2,...) is a vectorized form of SET_PARAM that works with cellstrs. It sets parameters within OBJECTS to the specified values. This enables the user to change multiple objects in a single call, work directly with output from find_system, and easily work with blocks that contain carriage returns and/or apostrophes.

set_params({'model/block1' 'model/subsystem1/block2'},'FontName','Courier New')
will change block1 and block2 to use Courier New as their font

will set the background color of all Scopes in the current Simulink model to light blue.

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