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06 Jan 2010 (Updated )

Software used for controlling and data logging lab equipment.

gilsonpumpobj2(com, userData)
function serialObject = gilsonpumpobj2(com, userData)
% GILSONPUMPOBJ2 Returns the serial object for Gilson pumps
% serialObject = gilsonpumpobj(com) returns the serial object for Gilson
% pumps given a suitable COM port number (unsigned integer: 1-255).  If an
% object already exists on that COM port (open or otherwise), returns an
% error. Information can be passed into the serial object through the
% optional userData argument.  This serial object works through the
% Realterm application.

% Normal usage:

% e.g. gilsonpumpobj(9) - returns a serial object for the Jasco pump on
% COM9

% checks the number of arguments
error(nargchk(1, 2, nargin))

% Error handling
if ~iscomport(com)
    % errors
    error('com must be an unsigned integer from 1 to 255')
elseif nargin >= 2 && ~isstruct(userData)
    % user data must be a structure to be used
    error('User data must be a structure when used with Realterm serial objects.')

% if object on specified COM port exists, errors, otherwise creates
% serial object

% initialises variables
serialPort = sprintf('COM%d', com);

% if serial object does not exist, defines serial object and opens it
if isempty(instrfindall('Port', serialPort))
    % creates serial object
    serialObject = serial(  serialPort, ...
                            'BaudRate' ,19200,...
                            'DataBits', 8,...
                            'Parity', 'even',...
                            'StopBits', 1,...
                            'Flowcontrol', 'none',...
                            'Terminator', '',...
                            'TimeOut', 0.5);

    % then creates the handle in the user data
        % tries to create it
        serialObject.UserData.realTermHandle = realterm(serialObject, 'Caption', 'Gilson 30x Pump');
        % DEBUG
        serialObject.UserData.realTermHandle.CaptureDirect = 0;
        % if userData was provided and it was a structure, modify the serial object
        if nargin >= 2
            % change the user data - note that the existing serial data has
            % priority
            serialObject.UserData = catstructs(userData, serialObject.UserData);
        % deletes the serial object
        % rethrows the error

    % errors
    error('Object(s) already exist on this serial port')

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