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CO2gui - lab control and automation

CO2gui - lab control and automation



06 Jan 2010 (Updated )

Software used for controlling and data logging lab equipment.

function response = tc08query(tc08Handle)
% TC08QUERY gets the values from a running instance of PicoLog
% tc08query(tc08Handle) returns the values of items from a running instance
% of PicoLog, given a handle generated by tc08connect.

% e.g. response = tc08query(tc08Connect) opens the PicoLog then returns all
% of the numbers in the PicoLog window

% checks the number of arguments
error(nargchk(1, 1, nargin))

% error handling
if ~isnumeric(tc08Handle) || ~isscalar(tc08Handle) || ~isreal(tc08Handle) || isnan(tc08Handle) || ~tc08Handle
    % errors
    error('Handle must be a real scalar number not equal to 0 obtained from tc08connect')

% fetches data
response = ddereq(tc08Handle, 'Value');

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