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A convenience function to superimpose a polynomial fit to already plotted data



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** What is it?
This convenience function allows you to quickly add a fit line to data after they have been plotted. e.g.
>> plot(myData)
>> out=addFitLine;
Add fit line returns the fit parameters and handles to the plot objects.

** Details
The stats toolbox is required for the 'linear' and 'quadratic' options only.

function out=addFitLine(poolFits,modelType,lineprops,ax)

  Add one or more fit lines to some or all data in axes "ax" or,
  without ax specified, to the current axes.

   *poolFits [optional 0 by default] -
     if 1 we fit a single line to all data series on the current
   *modelType ['linear' by default] - If 'linear' it fits a straight line
     using the regress function from the stats toolbox. If 'quadratic' it
     fits a second-order polynomial using regress. The output from regress is
     returned. If modelType is an integer, the function fit a polynomial of
     this order using polyfit, which is not part of the stats toolbox. The
     output of polyfit is then returned.
   *lineprops [optional 'b-' by default]
   *ax [optional - gca by default]

  out - the fit parameters and plot handles

  %Fit two seperate lines
  subplot(1,3,1), hold on, x=-5:0.1:5;
  y=1+1*x+randn(size(x))*2; plot(x,y,'.k')
  y=2-4*x+randn(size(x))*2; plot(x,y,'.r')

  %Fit one line to two sets of data
  subplot(1,3,2), hold on
  x=-5:0.2:0; y=0.3*x+randn(size(x))*2; plot(x,y,'.k')
  x=0:0.2:5; y=0.3*x+randn(size(x))*2; plot(x,y,'.r')

  %Fit one quadratic

  Rob Campbell - December 2009

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clarify what this function does


Correct indexing bug


the polynomial fit was not return plot handles


Improved error checking: removes text and patch elements before acquiring plot data.
Added ability to fit higher order polynomials using polyfit and polyval.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)

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