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Resize N-D arrays and images

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Y = RESIZE(X,newsize) resizes input array X using a discrete cosine transform.



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Y = RESIZE(X,NEWSIZE) resizes input array X using a DCT (discrete cosine transform) method. X can be any array of any size. Output Y is of size NEWSIZE.
Input and output formats: Y has the same class as X.
As an example, if you want to multiply the size of an RGB image by a factor N, use the following syntax:
newsize = size(I).*[N N 1];
J = resize(I,newsize);

% Upsample and stretch an RGB image
I = imread('onion.png');
sizeJ = size(I).*[2 2 1];
J = resize(I,sizeJ);
sizeK = size(I).*[1/2 2 1];
K = resize(I,sizeK);

Enter "help resize" to obtain other examples.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Thank you for this. Useful in my work for voxel array sampling for further use with Floyd-Warshall algorithm. Large voxel arrays take obscene quantities of time with Floyd-Warshall, so periodic sampling is useful.

Thank you also for packaging the two required files.


Lili (view profile)

Nice job! Thanks!!


us (view profile)

why do you not put the required functions DCTN and IDCTN into the package as well(?)...






The functions IDCTN and DCTN are now in RESIZE


DCTN and IDCTN are now included, as requested

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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