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heart VI1 simulator simulink

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It is investigation N°12 of my Heart VI1 simulator simulink with Monitoring Scope(Vs,Va,Vhis,Vv,PQRST).
1)CNS electrical stimulation only of sinus input signal Assinwt--As=-206-Fs=0.3rd/s
2)Scope set +2,-2 for time 2.4 to 3s
3)observations of sinusa arhythmias and normal rhythm at atrial and ventricular
So i decide to publish 3 files by week,and so my virtual cardiac training center on 4 years publish free 500 files for heart simulator.I think to us patent of Eami Romi of heart simulator.I set myself in a frame of international business like IBM,and the work of Bob Marley and wailers who begin at trenchtown his original business machine.Positively is a natural adaptation to Small Business act.l

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