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Translation of Matlab & Simulink models to SpecC specification Models

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Involves translation of Matlab/Simulink models to Spec C specification models.



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This project deals with the translation of a Simulink models to SpecC specification
models. Matlab is one of the leading softwares in model based and algorithmic designing. Spec
C (close to ANSI C) is a high level language which can be implemented on hardware using
System on Chip Environment(SCE). Having the features of both procedural languages like C,
C++ and Hardware Description languages like VHDL and Verilog and even more, SpecC can be
considered as superior System Level Design Language which can be realized on hardware. The
ease of translating Matlab/Simulink models to SpecC can show how algorithmic and model
based designs can be realized on hardware.
Simulink® Cruise control model and Matlab water-marker models were chosen as
targets for being implemented in SpecC. In automobiles cruise control enables driver to avoid
acceleration and slowing down of the car irregularly and maintain a steady speed. The system
takes the speed of the vehicle and reference speed as inputs and computes the output velocity.
The SpecC implementation of this Simulink model involves translation of Simulink blocks to
SpecC behaviors, feedback to while loops and communication between blocks to shared variable
communication in SpecC. The Matlab model will show how different functions can be translated
to SpecC which involves reading and writing text and audio files. The execution of these
behaviors might vary from sequential to parallel and finite state machines. Thus this project deals
with the execution semantics in both Matlab/Simulink and in SpecC and investigates the
translation of Matlab/Simulink models to SpecC.

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