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Simple Fuzzy Control Demonstration

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Steering a car in the middle of a road based on fuzzy logic.



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This GUI demonstrates the use of fuzzy logic to control the steering of a car. Two sensors, one on each side of the car, detect the distances from the pavement, with which the "error" critereon is calculated. This, along with the change in error make the two inputs for our fuzzy system. The output is the angle of rotation (in degrees) for the steering wheel.

The car models were made in ProE and converted using cad2matdemo() here on the FEX. The fuzzy sets can be viewed through the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox and changed accordingly for a different performance.

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Think (view profile)

good work,it's very helpful.


ammar (view profile)

good work

Luis Edu

Hey wadap in your fuzzy program what r the meanings of "NegLar" "NegSma" "CCWLar" "CCwSma".. thnaks


aiab (view profile)

Volkan AKGUL


NOUR (view profile)


Nikhil (view profile)

this is a very gud output and I am amazed by Husam's work on it.....

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