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Simulink Communication Labs



08 Feb 2000 (Updated )

This project allows you to learn communication systems in greater depth.

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This project allows you to learn communication systems in greater depth. It contains the Simulink files (*.mdl) which are block design files of various communication systems such as AM, DSB-SC, FM, PLL, Data Acquisition, Digital Data Transmission, PCM and Delta Modulation.
The idea here is to implement experiments of a traditional communication lab using Simulink.

Most of the block diagrams are self explanatory. More information on the systems and their implementation can be found in the word documents included in the lab directories.

Required Products Simulink
MATLAB release MATLAB 5.2 (R10)
MATLAB Search Path
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10 Jun 2013 JuniorTB Tacunan

somebody know where i can find a block DPCM ?

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31 Mar 2013 mmitha

mmitha (view profile)

thanks.it was useful.

18 Jan 2013 Yang Zhang

The file is too old to use. For example there is no Buffered FFT Frame Scope in DSF Blockset, and the dsp blockset is changed to DSP System Toolbox.

30 Sep 2012 vo danh

16 Dec 2011 Javier

Javier (view profile)

20 Jun 2010 Gerson Chavarria

woow, is full. Thanks for the circuits in Simulink

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04 Jun 2009 nairon hakamada

20 Oct 2008 d d

13 Oct 2008 adalberto ramirez


29 Sep 2008 manie kansal

i find this very amazing and helping. can i get the help to realize pulse code modulation's transmitter and reciever using matlab??

01 Jun 2008 Nabil al-hadawy

very nice
Thank you

09 Apr 2008 fas adfa

19 Mar 2008 wang jiayong

Thank you very much!I look forward to knowing more knowledge about communication based Matlab.

19 Mar 2008 wang jiayong

Thank you very much!I look forward to knowing more knowledge about communication based Matlab.

11 Mar 2008 jjj aaaa

27 Feb 2008 Phairoj Luengvongsakorn

25 Feb 2008 chandu reddy

02 Sep 2007 William Valen

I have learnt alot about communication, ijust want to thank the autors... iwould like to traslate the material to spanish...i wonder if there is any problem...

14 Aug 2007 nida has

i m trying to implement pll but the results are not comming right....i ve to demodulate a square wave using pll.any help or suggestions are more then welcomed

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07 Jun 2007 Raul Dan

16 May 2007 abed hamed

20 Apr 2007 Katia Mendez

it's a good job. This project help me in my degree work. There are many error in somebody programs.

19 Apr 2007 Allen Shen

06 Apr 2007 Nova Putra


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30 Mar 2007 karthick kumar

18 Mar 2007 Amit Dhiman

very good!!!

06 Mar 2007 Muhammed al-ani

very nice work

25 Feb 2007 ahmed hilaly

really helpful!!

24 Feb 2007 Mark S

Badly designed labs. I'm trying Lab5 and its absolute crap!

My friend says Lab7 is badly designed.

05 Dec 2006 neelima kol

18 Nov 2006 María Gómez

25 Sep 2006 anwar h

25 Sep 2006 Sara Javed

A very enlightening!

30 Jul 2006 ronen lago

13 May 2006 Fabian Pineda

Very completed

26 Apr 2006 eduar dores


20 Apr 2006 william adra

16 Mar 2006 sara elsoudi

26 Feb 2006 jhonatan surco

02 Jan 2006 Junaid Saeed

It is an excellent work

26 Dec 2005 satish g

these are very nice and very useful to me and my students.
thanku very much.

13 Dec 2005 gao dawei

thank you for your work in this project.

16 Nov 2005 teri lowel

Thank you for the tremendous product

20 Oct 2005 edinho zuca

muy buen documentacion

16 Sep 2005 asri permana

15 Aug 2005 enriuque rodrigues

Excellenta product.. great documentation

13 Aug 2005 B.S YOON


11 Aug 2005 Elamaran Vellaiappan

Very useful to understand the concepts..all about communication...

08 Aug 2005 abc xyz

amazing product. I think this should be sold as part of mathworks!

02 Aug 2005 gaurav dalwadi

send me QPSK/GFSK modultor-demodulator simulink files

25 Jun 2005 satyanand singh

Really it is very useful to graduation level

15 Jun 2005 masoud hoseinzadeh

send for me pulse code modulation (pcm)simulink block design file please

15 Jun 2005 masoud hoseinzadeh

send for me pulse code modulatin (pcm)simulink blocks design file

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08 Jun 2005 Francisco Castillo

30 May 2005 hhghg gf


20 Apr 2005 c xg

it's very good

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19 Apr 2005 yessi chanm


04 Apr 2005 Chandrashekhar Deshmukh

21 Mar 2005 sureyya gulnar

ýt is very usefull thanks...

08 Feb 2005 Li_Shan Ma

It is help for me to learn communication by visual waveforms.

21 Jan 2005 shahan shaikh

06 Jan 2005 mathi raaja

i realy enjoy ur site , it is very healpful to me .

11 Nov 2004 Cc Hh

There are a few minor mistakes in the word files in Lab 1 (says SC, but K=1). Otherwise excellent.

10 Nov 2004 Nam Tran Nguyen


30 Oct 2004 S J


21 Sep 2004 Ayman Q

23 Jul 2004 masoud babaie

23 Jul 2004 masoud babaie

18 Jul 2004 shaker khanfer


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15 Jul 2004 javaid nabi

12 Jul 2004 huseyin bilgekul

Well done experimentation kit for those students taking third year Analog and Digital Communication courses as presented by the textbook of LEON W. COUCH.

05 Jul 2004 rajendra rana bhat

well sir when i download and try to open the zip file it tells the file is corropted.Will you see what happen

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27 May 2004 carol f

23 May 2004 takis soteropoulos

17 May 2004 Yaser a

Very nice good job

09 Apr 2004 ziya koksal

this is a great project. great job, go on please

03 Jan 2004 mohammed khalil

It is good and usefull to hte students

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29 Dec 2003 marwan adam

this is avery nicing to let student examin the real world virtually

26 Dec 2003 Alonso Rodriguez

Its good

24 Dec 2003 MARWAN ADAM


24 Dec 2003 marwan adam


04 Dec 2003 leto paul

thank thanks thanks my brother

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02 Nov 2003 Oybek Ishnazarov

02 Nov 2003 javier aguirre

hola rafael:
mi nombre es javier... soy de argentina y estudio ingenieria en telecomunicaciones....esta carera es nueva...(hace cinco años que se abrio la carrera)
y.... como en toda carrera nueva hay problemas... es muy dificil aprender a simular... cuando no tenemos el apoyo teorico de un programa tan potente y de aplicacion variada como MATLAB-SIMULINK...
iré al grano rafael...
me gustaria especializarme a full con simulink.....(tengo muchas ganas de aprender)
te comento que si se programar en matlab y simular algo en simulink pero hay algunas aplicaciones que no se usarlas ....mi objetivo no es que me enseñes (si puedes) desde el principio.... te repito ya se algo, pero quisisera aprender mas.... quisiera especializarme mas...
y no se como comunicarme con las personas que mas saben del tema....
te cuento tambien que tengo muchas tareas simuladas como por ejemplo deteccion coherente de AM con PLL, o simulacion de diversas tecnicas de modulacion como por ejemplo am con portadora o BLU ....(y mas....)
lo que mas quiero saber en este momento es como puedo relacionar los bloques de simulacion continuos con los bloques que me permiten simular impedancias RLC en serie por ejemplo...(creo que estos bloques perenecen a la libreria de electronica de potencia o algo por el estilo)
bueno....RAFAEL ojala pudieras ayudarme ... porque quiero ser el mejor usando MATLAB quiero saber mas... ojala podamos comunicarnos a pesar que te escribo en español....y si tubiera que escirbirte en ingles .... bueno haria el ezfuerzo....

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02 Nov 2003 javier aguirre

soy estudiante en telecomunicaciones y nesesito de su ayuda... para aprender a simular...desde ya muchas gracias... quisiera que me respondan para saber como puedo comunicarme con ustedes y saber si tengo que abonar o si es gratuito el help...
quisiera saber como puedo obtener informacion de los metodos de simulacion en simulink si tubiera alguna duda despues de realizar mis experimentos.....muchas gracias....EL QUE ESCRIBE ***JAVIER AGUIRRE***

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24 Sep 2003 [p[ p[p[


19 Jun 2003 Rafael Camerano Jr

Cool.. for the lazy student!

16 Mar 2003 Lina Chang

Any update on the way?

28 Feb 2003 Electric Bob

Needs to be cleaned up.

14 Jan 2003 Som Wet

25 Apr 2002 rudy

The Idea is great, only some examples don't work and are not the same as the ones in the word documents. For instance the PLL in Lab3 doesn't work, when I create the examples which are described in the word documents they also don't work. This isn't strange since the VCO gets a frequency at its input (from the feedback loop) the VCO requires some DC at its input (DC is 0 when PLL is in lock) to lock to some signal. In the word it's mentioned that the VCO gets an error voltage and not a difference frequency but how this is done ???

18 Apr 2002 aa aa

It is very difficult for use

30 Jan 2002 Ronan Scaife

The basic idea of this submission is very good.
It is a great source of ideas for a virtual
comms lab.
However, we have Matlab 5.3 and Simulink 3,
and the models don't work. For instance, the
Buffered frame FFT scope is not available in
Simulink 3. The package was presumably
written for an earlier release of Simulink.
I gave up on patching the package,
and am slowly rebuilding a few of the models
and documents from scratch.
Many thanks to Dr. Khrishnaswamy for
his conceptual framework!

13 Jan 2002 Patrick Moran

This is an interesting submission but so far I cant replicate any of the "Results" in the MSWord documents. In lab 6 lab6th.doc, how do I get "DC Volts" out of the Simulink simulator. Something doesn't match. The display doesn't sample a DC value. Why is the sample rate set to .0009 HZ? Could someone explain this?

11 Jan 2002 Val Burtea

The ideea is just great.

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