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Ian Nabney (view profile)


06 Nov 2002 (Updated )

Pattern analysis toolbox.

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The Netlab toolbox is designed to provide the central tools necessary for the simulation of theoretically well founded neural network algorithms and related models for use in teaching, research and applications development. It contains many techniques which are not yet available in standard neural network simulation packages.

The principles behind the toolbox are more important than simply compiling lists of algorithms. Data analysis and modelling methods should not be used in isolation; all parts of the toolbox interact in a coherent way, and implementations of standard pattern recognition techniques (such as linear regression and K-nearest-neighbour classifiers) are provided so that they can be used as benchmarks against which more complex algorithms can be evaluated. This interaction allows researchers to develop new techniques by building on and reusing existing software, thus reducing the effort required and increasing the robustness and usability of the new tools.

An accompanying text book, Netlab: Algorithms for Pattern Recognition written by Ian Nabney is published by Springer in their series Advances in Pattern Recognition: the ISBN number is 1-85233-440-1. More information can be found at and


This file inspired Useful Matlab Functions For Speaker Recognition Using Adapted Gaussian Mixture Model and Kristinbranson/Jaaba.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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Comments and Ratings (19)
05 Jan 2015 volador

It very useful for me and I setup it to appling my project. Thanks author for everything.

30 Oct 2014 Narin Sovann

21 Mar 2014 Todd Watson

I used this toolbox successfully with Matlab R2013a. It is very beneficial to have the book referenced in the above description. My application was classification of sounds in a trained NN into one of several categories. here are a few notes from my specific application:

Activation Functions Investigated
Linear – simplest, gives good results
Softmax – best general purpose for 1 of N classification
Logistic – good for binary classifications

Optimization Methods
Conjugate gradient descent – worst performing method
Scaled conjugate gradient descent (SCG) – sometimes superior
Quasi-Newton – gives most consistent results for current data set

Search for best number of hidden units
Smaller number runs faster/simpler
Larger number may provide more accurate results with the possibility of over-fitting the available data

Current data set, with 4 possible sound classifications, gave best result with about 15 hidden units

I also tried using a support vector machine for the same application and it performed slightly better.

16 Jan 2012 Clark

Clark (view profile)


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04 Jan 2012 Josh

Josh (view profile)

hmmm.... no documentation, and the first demo I run fails due to an incompatibility with more recent version of MATLAB. Last update was 2002... I say this submission is dead.

28 Nov 2011 Sam Da

Sam Da (view profile)

I don't feel it is fully tested. So, you can't use it "off the shelf".

26 Sep 2011 nesrine

Hi, I am trying to load netlab into Matlab6 but the software does not recognise. Can someone help me....tks

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23 Mar 2011 Roy

Roy (view profile)

could u please send a tutorial on netlab? i am trying to perform GMM on the probability density estimator rather than on samples (i.e., to break the pde i have to the creating gaussians).

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05 May 2010 maysem Maysem

hi,I have some problem with ant colony optimisation. can someone help me .thanks

22 Dec 2006 Ade Idowu

I have used NetLab for for doing preliminary research and general benchmarking of Neural Network ideas. I find the toolbox very useful, especially when it is used with the accompanying text book.

12 Sep 2006 messaoud bouakkaz

17 May 2004 Lawrence Ng

Hi, I am trying to load netlab into Matlab ver 13 but the software does not recognise the commands used in netlab. Can someone help me....tks

25 Mar 2004 Dale Clifford

Outstanding tool for use in addition to Matlabs nnet toolbox. Netlab incorporates concepts from baysien conditional type models into nnets. Reader particularly liked and found the parts from data sampling and optimization useful. Material bridges some of the gap between statistical data anaylsis and the control system approach used by the Matlab toolbox.

05 Mar 2004 ashok sharma

really helpful last download did not fully work

05 Mar 2004 ASHOK SHARMA


15 Feb 2004 Girija Chetty

very helpful compilation of files

01 Feb 2004 subrata bose

could u please send a tutorial on netlab

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09 Aug 2003 Arshia Gerami

18 Apr 2003 Narayanaswamy M

please send the tutorials on gaussian mixture model to my mail.

this site is very good

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