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Valuation of stock option with discrete dividend

Valuation of stock option with discrete dividend


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Compare different pricing models for stock option with discrete dividend.

function callprice = DiscreteDividend(s,k,r,t,vol,d,dt)
%compare different methods for a single discrete dividend adjustments,
%writen by abiao at for illustration only, read paper...
%Back to Basics: a new approach to the discrete dividend problem by Haug for detail;
%s: current stock price;
%k: strike price;
%r: risk-free interest rate;
%t: time to maturity of option;
%vol: volatility;
%d: discrete dividend amount, dt: dividend time
BSprice = blsprice(s,k,r,t,vol,0);
AdjS = s-exp(-r*dt)*d;
Escrowed = blsprice(AdjS,k,r,t,vol,0);
%%%%%%%%%Chriss, 1997%%%%%%%%%%
vol1 = vol*s/(s-d*exp(-r*dt));
Chriss = blsprice(AdjS,k,r,t,vol1,0);
%%%%%%%%%Haug, 1998%%%%%%%%%%
vol2 = sqrt(vol^2*dt+vol1^2*(t-dt)/t);
OldHaug = blsprice(AdjS,k,r,t,vol2,0);
%%%%%%%%Bos et al. (2003)%%%%%%%%%%
lns = log(s);
lnk = log((k+d*exp(-r*dt))*exp(-r*t));
z1 = (lns-lnk)/(vol*sqrt(t))+vol*sqrt(t)/2;
z2 = z1+vol*sqrt(t)/2;
vol3 = sqrt(vol^2+vol*sqrt(pi/(2*t))*(4*exp(z1^2/2-lns)*d*exp(-r*dt)*...
Bos = blsprice(AdjS,k,r,t,vol3,0);
%%%%%%%%%Haug, 2003%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
NewHaug = exp(-r*dt)*(quad(@(x)blsprice(x-d,k,r,t-dt,vol,0).*lognpdf(x,lns+(r-0.5*vol^2)*dt,vol*sqrt(dt)), d, k+d)...
    +quad(@(x)blsprice(x-d,k,r,t-dt,vol,0).*lognpdf(x,lns+(r-0.5*vol^2)*dt,vol*sqrt(dt)), k+d, 20*s));
callprice = [BSprice, Escrowed, Chriss, OldHaug, Bos, NewHaug];

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