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Plot Circle in 3D

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Plots a Circle with arbitrary direction in 3D

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Take a center point, a normal vector and a radius and plots a Circle in 3D using plot3

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Junjun Zhu


Julio (view profile)

Very nice works perfectly!

Rene Lacher

Neat. Good idea using the null space. Thanks!

Works as advertised!

Casey Smith

Mariam Sheha

what if i want to calculate area os this contour?
Plot3 (S1(:,1),S1(:,2),S1(:,3))

But the author should consider adding some comments on how to use the function. For example, given two points on a sphere, how do you define the input "normal"?

Michael Fink

very nice and sleek code, thanks

Alston Pike

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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