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A tool for generating piecewise linear asymptotic Bode diagrams.



A MATLAB GUI for drawing asymptotic Bode diagrams

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sultan (view profile)

nice tool with out it, I would never learned bode plot.

but there is some problems.

1- I am using MATLAB R2011b on mac OS X Version 10.9.4 and when I plot the TF it shows only half of the page also the green plus for maximizing the page does not work.

I used the tool many times at my school and work smoothly. also it give me an option where I can modify my plots unlike do it on my own laptop.

Great job Erik and thanks.


Win co

Win co (view profile)


matlab (view profile)

For complex roots not working

Nabil al-hadawy

********* Thank you *********
This is GUI runnig easly , it is important for any engineer

Bruno Santiago


Vaughn Bode

I'm impressed.

nyan phyo aung

i cannot access bec the following error message.
Error in ==> D:\npa\bode_matlab\matlab_m\BodePlotGui.m
On line 32 ==> fig = openfig(mfilename,'new');
how can i fix it?

Prof. Jignesh Patel

Very good Tool for teaching-learning of frequency response

Alex C

a tool to help out with homework.

Alvaro Acosta

Very easy to read, learn and specially for teaching. Congratulations



Made slight modifications to phase approximations and to user interface. Also put files on github


Fixed a small problem with the figure to make plots fit better.


Tweaked rules for making asymptotes.

Made it possible to load transfer functions from workspace.

Modified GUI to show asymptotic Bode Plot of entire function as well as its constituent parts.

Fixed minor bug with peaking of frequency response when zeta>0.707.

Added button to access my web page that describes the program (and Bode plots in general).

Changed REALMAX to realmax, for Linux compatibility.

Added capability to format plots:
Change line width
Use optional gray scale
Add grid to plots
Display phase as radians

Tweaked colors on GUI

Previous version was missing a file (BodePlotGui.fig) in zip file. This has been fixed.

A file was omitted from zip file (BodePlotGui.fig). This file is in the current zip file.

Changed URLs, and tested function with v6.5

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.4 (R2014b)

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