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RNEL_DB Object Oriented Database for Matlab

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RNEL_DB is a class definition that facilitates the user to develop a database in Matlab.



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RNEL_DB is an object oriented database solution for large data sets that need to be stored and/or analyzed within Matlab. It provides a transparent solution for people that currently store their data in matlab-structures.

Using the RNEL_DB class-definition, we created a database solution that:
* is transparent to the user as it behaves like a giant Matlab structure.
* has a distributed file system which saves the data across many files.
* has an object oriented structure which enables object specific methods.
* enforces a structured way for organizing functions related to the data.
* has fast access to all the data.
* is 100% developed using standard Matlab syntax, making it easy to adapt to specific needs.

Currently, we have over 20 GigaBytes of data stored in the database are able to access everything as easy as indexing a giant Matlab structure.

This project is currently available on under the name HDS-Toolbox.

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Code for this project is currently hosted on Github:

Jim Hokanson

Jim Hokanson (view profile)

Development on this project has been discontinued. An improved version has been created, you might have some luck if you contact the author.

Holger Hiebel

Looks very promising, but no m-files seem to be included, and the weblink points to a dead end ... ?



changed/added link


This project is currently available on under the name HDS-Toolbox.


slightly changed the documentation


- Changed the downloadable content

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