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Simulate and animate a three link robotic arm raising a glass to table height.



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This simulation finds the angular velocity time histories required
to raise a glass from ground level to table height in a straight 45 degree trajectory. Build Robot constructs the robot from inputs, and Go! starts the simulation.

Editable fields are:
d_1 - Base of initial triangle formed by first arm
d_2 - Base of initial triangle formed by second arm
h - height of initial triangle formed by two arms
table_height - height of table where glass is placed
Time - Amount of time motion should take.

d_1, d_2 and h determine the lengths of the two arms, and Time
determines the initial angular velocities.

The plot menu allows you to generate plots of the angle and angular velocity time histories for the two arms. The angles are measured from inertial horizontal (i.e., the bottom two angles of the initial triangle) and the angular velocities are of dextral reference frames aligned with the two arms (i.e. {}^\mathcal{I}\omega^\mathcal{A} = \dot\omega_1 and {}^\mathcal{I}\omega^\mathcal{B} = -\dot\omega_2).

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