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An elegant and easy-to-use progress bar dialog utilizing the Swing GUI class JProgressBar.



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The progress bar can be displayed and manipulated using two approaches.

In the procedural style, the function waitdialog wraps the Java Swing GUI class JProgressBar for enhanced visual experience but is functionally similar to the built-in function waitbar.

In the object-oriented style, ProgressDialog is a class that encapsulates a progress bar created using the waitdialog function, provides get/set access to the status message text and the progress indicator, and ensures proper cleanup on user interruption either using the cancel button or CTRL+BREAK, as well as in case an error occurs.


% show progress bar dialog
dlg = ProgressDialog();

maxiter = 50;
for iter = 1 : maxiter
    % do any long-running operation
    % update progress bar
    dlg.FractionComplete = iter/maxiter;
    % update status message
    dlg.StatusMessage = sprintf('%d%% complete', fix(100*iter/maxiter));

% destroy progress bar dialog explicitly

% create progress bar dialog with custom status message
dlg = ProgressDialog( ...
    'StatusMessage', 'Please wait until operation terminates...', ...
    'FractionComplete', 0.25);

% hide status message
dlg.StatusMessage = [];
dlg.FractionComplete = 1;

% create progress bar with indeterminate state
% previous dialog is automatically destroyed on assignment
dlg = ProgressDialog( ...
    'StatusMessage', 'Close the dialog to continue', ...
    'Indeterminate', true);

Comments and Ratings (4)

Jan Keller

Abe Lau

Thanks Levente.

This is a really nice improvement over the built-in waitbar. The option with indetermine state (just a moving bar, and is always MOVING) is especially useful, in cases of a single slow command. The default waitbar will just freeze and doesn't give any feedback!

Gökhan Vural



Added indeterminate state; removed external dependencies.



MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

Inspired by: Using Java Swing components in MATLAB

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