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1D Bifurcation plot

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This is a very nice and compact file for generating 1D bifurcation plot.

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This code is used to generate 1D bifurcation plot for any 1D map with one parameter. Compared to those existent bifurcation plot tools in Matlab central, this plot tool runs much faster and uses much less memory. Please remember to rate, if you like my code. Thanks

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Samuel Wu

Running the demo code and any other function gives me the error that maximum recursion limit of 500 is reached. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Is there a way of using this code with PWL functions? I'm trying Bernoulli Shift:

fun = @(x,B) (x*B - (3*sign(x)));
x0 = .4; a0 = 0; a1 = 4; N = 100; L = 50;
mat = yue_bifur(fun,x0,a0,a1,N,L);

Great tool!

muhammad musa

maha hussein


Roy (view profile)


Great code. Very efficient

Brett Shoelson

Brett Shoelson (view profile)

Consider generating a Dependency Report (you can use the "Tools->Save and Show Dependency Report" functionality in the toolbar of MATLAB's Editor Window, or you can use |depfun|) to learn what Toolboxes your function calls.


zhenxi (view profile)

very efficient code!

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