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face detection using skin color

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this program detect the face in the image on the basis of skin color



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In this program RGB image is converted to L*a*b color space.Green & purple mode of this color space are chosen & then convert them into binary.AND operation is performed on the images so a matrix is obtained having 1 & 0.One(1) indicate the presence of face.

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Ankith Jain

How can i find the skin color from the face?


mohd (view profile)


selim (view profile)

i'm getting the error 'Undefined function or method 'skin' for input arguments of type 'char'.'

how can i solve this problem? thanks in advance.


 i want to detect hand how can i modify this code?? please tell

Suree yatho

an image return to RGB after face detect ??


Faisal (view profile)

First i would really appreciate the hard work that you made. But this approach fails for african ethnic people. I tried to extract skin for african people with different skin values. But unfortunately it fails.

raza raza

i want to detect human body how? with skin color how


adad (view profile)


what does this portion doing. Why for k=3:4:s2-1?

[s1 s2]=size(BB2);
for k=3:4:s2-1
    if p>mx & (BB2(1,k)/BB2(1,k+1))<1.8

Thanks in advance.

carrisa putri

could you please tell me step by step about this???

on a new test I have bald person, top of square appeared above the eyebrow

I have some fail result when the background color is close to face color and in the case that chest of person is in the image and then it will be in the final frame

simple and almost fast. :)

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