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display a function's HELP or a CELL array in text window

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  uhelp: display a function's HELP or a CELL array in text window.
  uhelp might be useful as a helper function for guis/toolboxes
  •HTML-style to display text (words in uppercase and the name of the function within the text appear highlighted
  •use mouse wheel to scroll up/down the text
  •use mouse wheel + control button to change the fontsize
  •change fontstyle and backgroundcolor
  •set window to 'always on top' mode ([aot.m] required from matlab file exchange)
  •multiple window mode possible
  •save fontstyle/color/windowsize parameter within this function for the next call
 SYNTAX: uhelp(function) ;%one window mode
           uhelp(function,1) ;%multiple windows mode
  uhelp('regexprep'); %replace window mode (default)
  uhelp('regexprep',1) ;%multiple windows mode
  [mousewheel up/down]: scroll text
  [control]+ [mousewheel up/down]: decrease/increase fontsize
  [arrow left]/[arrow right]: decrease/increase fontsize
  checkbox : to set window as 'always on top'
  contextmenu :
                [font] -> choose font-size/weight/style from menu
                [saveconfig]-> save following parameter in THIS matlab-
               function: - font-size/weight/style
                    - used 'always on top' mode
                    - figure position
                [copy selection]-> copy selection to clipboard
                [evaluate selection]-> ..
  help : opens another textwindow (replace window mode) to depict help
  uhelp uhelp
 NOTE: the following file is required
   FINDOBJ by Yair Altman -->
  optional: to set window to 'allways on top' download AOT -->
  paul koch,BNIC Berlin 2010

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MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b)

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