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Kalman filtering demo in MATLAB with automatic MATLAB-to-C code generation

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Kalman filtering algorithm to track an object and generating C source code for implementation



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This entry contains the demo presented as part of two separate MathWorks webinars related to MATLAB-to-C code generation. In this demo, we feature a Kalman filtering algorithm for tracking moving objects and will demonstrate how to automatically generate C code from MATLAB functions.
Automatic MATLAB-to-C code generation is available for a subset of the MATLAB language called Embedded MATLAB®, which consists of more than 310 MATLAB operators and functions, 110 Fixed-Point Toolbox functions, and 35 Signal Processing Toolbox functions and new System objects in Signal Processing Blockset and Video and Image Processing Blockset.

You will learn how to develop a MATLAB algorithm based on Kalman filtering to track the trajectory of an object moving in Cartesian 2-D space. You also learn how to use specific features of MATLAB, Fixed-Point Toolbox, Simulink, Real-Time Workshop, and related products to:

- Develop and validate MATLAB algorithms compliant with the Embedded MATLAB subset
- Automatically generate C code from your designs in MATLAB and Simulink
- Iterate and elaborate your algorithm to to handle typical design patterns like use of variable-size data & fixed-point data

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