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Render RGB text over RGB or Grayscale Image

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Utility which renders text over RGB o grayscale image matrices. (no line feed support)

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by Davide Di Gloria
with the great contribution of Franz-Gerold Url

Render RGB text over RGB or grayscale images of ANY RESOLUTION!

out=rendertext(target, text, color, pos, mode1, mode2)

target ... MxNx3 or MxN matrix
text ... string (NO LINE FEED SUPPORT)
color ... vector in the form [r g b] 0-255
pos ... position (r,c)

optional arguments: (default is 'ovr','left')
mode1 ... 'ovr' to overwrite, 'bnd' to blend text over image
mode2 ... text aligment 'left', 'mid' or 'right'.

out ... has same size of target

example (generates the sceenshot above):

out=rendertext(in,'OVERWRITE mode',[0 255 0], [1, 1]);
out=rendertext(out,'BLEND mode',[255 0 255], [30, 1], 'bnd', 'left');
out=rendertext(out,'left',[0 0 255], [101, 150], 'ovr', 'left');
out=rendertext(out,'mid',[0 0 255], [130, 150], 'ovr', 'mid');
out=rendertext(out,'right',[0 0 255], [160, 150], 'ovr', 'right');

have fun (and give credit)!

Comments and Ratings (12)

peng wang


John Morris

Nice functionality. Font size would be good.

Ilya Belevich

Ilya Belevich

very nice, thank you!

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell (view profile)

Fair enough!

if you have to write a timestamp or something on a 3000x2000 pixels image, getframe() will shrink the image...

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell (view profile)

I still don't understand the point. Combining text with getframe gives you more flexibility and still gets the job done easily. This function renders in only one font face and (apparently?) only one size.

This function RENDERS the text over any matrix, not over the figure. This function allows you to save the image matrix with imwrite() and not by using getframe(). Please consider re-rating :)

Rob Campbell

Rob Campbell (view profile)

The images are included in the default Matlab install, Stiphu. At least they are on my machine. However am confused by this function. It just seems like an over-complicated and crippled version of the text command. Question to author: What does this function do that the text command does not?


How about adding the pictures you used? Absolutely crab...



slight modification to description


added missing chars.bmp file, sorry!

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