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Matrix Structural Analysis

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A simple function for the analysis of two- and three- dimensional frame structures



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The stiffness method is used for matrix analysis of structures. this program is useful for analysis of Planar trusses, Space
trusses, Beams, Planar frames and Space frames.
End release of members in frame elements and support displacements can also be applied by this program.

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Please send this program to my email. I can't acess him from this site.

ugur ugur

ugur ugur

Hi Javier Saez

Column 3 and Column 4 of D.con are used for start and end point of any element. If start point of element is fixed, you input "1", if this element has a release in this point,you input "0". For truss systems, D.con Column 3 and 4 are "0" but for frame systems, they must be "1" (if element doesn't have any release"

Javier Sáez

Thank you so much. I've a question about program Data.m. Can anyone tell me what's the meaning of columns 3 and 4 of the D.Con' matrix?


Hamid Qaemi


Thanku so much sir.I have written a code but not as simple and generalised as yours.


Masood (view profile)

من دو روزه کل اینترنت رو زیر و رو کردم و انواع توابع و اسکرپیت های ماتریس سختی رو دیدم ، واقعا این چیزی که شما نوشتید یه چیز دیگه است .
و البته حالا که متوجه شدم شما ایرانی هستید اصلا یه جور دیگه واسه ام لذت بخشه .
آفرین .
ممنون از اشتراک این فایل

Dean Kayton

Do you use SI units? Else what are the units? Thanks


thanks alot


MS AR (view profile)


MS AR (view profile)

Dear Dr.Rahami,

Thank you so much, I'm trying to add the modal analysis to this code, please can you tell me what would happen to the mass matrix of the element when we release member ends?


kaveh (view profile)

Mostafa Tazarv

Mostafa Tazarv (view profile)

Thank you so much Dr.Rahami.
You speed up my research process.

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