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Imagic, MRC and DM3 file i/o

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Functions for reading and writing image files for electron microscopy



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This directory contains m-functions for reading and writing files used in electron microscopy and 3D reconstruction. The file formats those used by the IMAGIC software package (Image Science GmbH; EMAN and Frealign are public-domain programs that also use this format), the MRC program library, and the Digital Micrograph (Gatan, Inc.) file format. These functions were written on what published information we could find, and work for our limited purposes; they are not supported by the software authors at all.

The functions generally assume that little-endian files are being read by a little-endian machine. However, some functions might still work with big-endian machines such as PowerPC, as they were originally written on a Mac computer.

Fred Sigworth, Liguo Wang
Yale University

Loads part or all of the data in an Imagic file pair into a matlab 3-d array. This function also returns a data structure with part of the information from the header.

Writes an entire matlab 3-d array as an Imagic file with float32 data type.

Create, read or write a datastructure that contains all the information in an Imagic header. The structure (a struct of arrays) allows manipulation of header information. For writing very large datafiles, the header file can be constructed and written out separately by these functions.

Read a file generated by Digital Micrograph, version 3. These files have a large tree structure, and the code inside this function can be modified to return any field or fields of this structure. At present just the pixel size and number of pixels is returned along with the raw image.

Read part or all of an MRC-format file (2d or 3d) into a Matlab array; also retrieves information about the image size.

Write an entire 3d Matlab array into an MRC-format file

Write the header of an MRC-format file, allowing the user to write the rest of the file directly with the fwrite function.

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Thanks for the function! However, whenever i try to open my mrc file using


I get the error "Undefined variable "sample" or class "sample.mrc"
I am using version R2017a on Linux

moonseop kim

now i am trying to use ReadMRC. For example, my data is data1 so when i try to ReadMRC(data1), it does not work T.T

What is this problem?


Thanks for sharing! Small bug with ReadMRC when reading one image at a time, it will load the full MRC with the first image since nz=min(,numSlices); is only redifined in the if startSlice>1

Fred Sigworth

Oh yes, I wrote it and use it on Mac OS X. --Fred

Miriam Dowle


Is this compatible with Matlab for Mac OS X?

Thanks, Miriam


Liang Jin

Great modules for reading/writing MRC files.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

Inspired: Read .dm3 and .dm4 image files

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