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B-spline tools

B-spline tools



22 Mar 2010 (Updated )

Basic toolbox for polynomial B-splines on a uniform grid. OO overloading of common operators.

bsplineNidtrans( x, N, boundaryfun )
function y = bsplineNidtrans( x, N, boundaryfun )
% bsplineNdtrans - polynomial B-spline direct transform
%   y = bsplineNidtrans(x, N) calculates signal samples from N-order spline
%   coefficient vector x
%   y = bsplineNidtrans(x, N, bfun) uses bfun as boundary function to extend
%   x beyond its original domain. Default is @mirrorbound_1

    boundaryfun = @mirrorbound_1;

[b, c] = idtrans_FIR_coefs(N);

x = filterFIR( b, x, boundaryfun );

% Apply scaling
y = x*(1/c);


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