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Extract Red Objects from Aerial Image

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A very simple and short example on image processing.

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Given an aerial image of a city block this program extracts all objects deemed "red". It is simple and short and should help those wanting to get a foot in image processing.

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hey, thanks.
But, i have images for different cars, and want to extract the (license plate) for this cars each one alone.
i need to help me in this problem.


Azy (view profile)

Its not applicable for larger images !!!

Leo Kay

Thank you


Faten (view profile)


Husam Aldahiyat

Hey, Image Analyst, your submission is more flexible and robust, but it is much more complex and longer (and harder to understand). This submission simply introduces a couple of IPT commands and their usage, and uses a thresholding technique different than other algorithms (but easier to understand for complete beginners).

The red objects are meant to be small, since the code helps you identify things that can't be seen with your eyes. As a result it isn't %100 accurate, but it works for its smiple purpose.

Image Analyst

Image Analyst (view profile)

This looks like a simpler, less flexible and robust version of this prior submission:
And it doesn't use a good sample image because the red objects aren't large enough to be visible. An image with larger red objects would improve this.



Added acknowledgment.


Added requirement.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

Inspired by: SimpleColorDetection

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