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Toolbox kinematics

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This toolbox deals with basic concepts in kinematics and special interpolation algorithms.



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Basic concepts in kinematics are implemented in classes. Due to this object-orientated programming, operations are easy to handle.

These classes belong to the toolbox:

o The DualNumber Class
o The Quaternion Class
o The DualQuaternion Class
o The RotationMatrix Class
o The HomogeneousVector Class
o The HomogeneousTransformation Class
o The STUDYparameter Class

In the file doc.pdf you can find a more detailed documentation.

The main goal of this work is to interpolate given positions of an object in IR^3 and to generate a continuous motion through these positions. Via Study's kinematic mapping, motions can be mapped to points on a special hyperquadric in IP^7 (Study's quadric). The Study quadric is a model for the 6-parametric group SE(3) of direct Euclidean displacements.

Therefore, algorithms to interpolate points on quadrics are needed. In this toolbox algorithms are implemented that interpolate points on quadrics in every dimension. For further examples and a detailed explanation, please see doc.pdf.

I appreciate any remarks, comments and advice regarding this program.

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