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This is a wrapper around the bioinformatics SeqLogo function that creates a REAL matlab figure.

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Sequence Logos are a common technique for visualizing the conservation of positions within a multiple sequence alignment. The technique creates an image where the height of the letter represents its sequence conservation.

The Matlab bioinformatics toolbox has a function which performs this analysis and visualization. However, the figure it generates is a specialized java object and cannot be modified in any meaningful way.

This wrapper re-creates the image in a way that's more friendly for modifications of things like tick-labels, titles, letter colors, embedding in subplots or GUI's etc.

This function uses the image-processing toolbox to generate an "image" which has the letters transformed to the "proper" size.

This function was based off of suggestions from this StackOverflow post:

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Will Dampier

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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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