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Desenvolvimento de Aplicacoes com MATLAB

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Desenvolvimento de Aplicacoes com MATLAB


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Slides and demo files from the webinar "Desenvolvimento de Aplicacoes com MATLAB"

function ButterflyValue=Butterflyval(OptionProps)

%function ButterflyValue=Butterflyval(SpotPrice, StrikePrice, RiskFreeRate, TimeExpiry, Volatility, VizRange, ButterflyRange)
%Compute the value of the butterfly

% Make sure input is column vector
OptionProps = OptionProps(:);

% Check for correct input properties
[m,n] = size(OptionProps);

% Vector Check
if n > 1
   errordlg('Function Requires a Vector Input','Input Dimension Error','on')

% Check for right length of input
if m < 7
    errordlg('Function Requires 7 inputs','Input Length Error','on')

SpotPrice = OptionProps(1);
StrikePrice = OptionProps(2);
RiskFreeRate = OptionProps(3);
TimeExpiry = OptionProps(4);
Volatility = OptionProps(5);
VizRange = OptionProps(6); %#ok<NASGU>
ButterflyRange = OptionProps(7);

TimeExpiry = TimeExpiry / 12;
ButterflyValue = blsbtyval(SpotPrice, StrikePrice, RiskFreeRate, ...
    TimeExpiry, Volatility, ButterflyRange);

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