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ENVI file reader/writer

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ENVI file reader/writer


Felix Totir


05 Apr 2010 (Updated )

Mini-toolbox for reading and writing ENVI data and header files (including complex).

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%test script

%clears workspace

%generate a complex 3-D variable

%create basic ENVI header info about a Matlab variable

%write the variable and the associated header info in a pair of binary/header ENVI files
enviwrite(D,info,'a.dat'); %implicit header file is "a.dat.hdr" (if not explicitly passed)

%read a complex n-D variable from "a.dat" and "a.dat.hdr" ENVI files

%some comparisons to validate consistency of our read/write procedures

%modify the header info (introducing offset in ENVI header)
D3=D2; %same as D2

%writing the D3 (same as D2), but with 10000 offset

%read the offset variable (D3)

%comparisons to validate read/write


Envi To Matlab, Matlab To Envi, Envi File Reader, Updated 2/9/2010, and Read Envihdr inspired this file.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
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26 Jan 2015 Rob Cranfill

Rob Cranfill

This looks awesome, thanks! Except, as YongHyun wrote, it seems to error out under 2014b. I will attempt to hack it into submission, and if successful, will contribute the solution here, forthwith.

I am not even sure what the line of code "line=textscan(line,'%s',',');" is trying to do - that doesn't seem to be legal syntax, AFAICT.

25 Dec 2014 YongHyun


There are some errors on Ver. R2014b.

Error using textscan
Name-value pair arguments must come in pairs.

Error in envihdrread (line 66)
line=textscan(line,'%s',','); %behavior is not quite the same if "line" ends in ','

Error in enviread (line 20)

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14 Aug 2014 Buwei


26 Jun 2013 Felix Totir

Felix Totir

@James Wheeler: thank you for your contribution. Unfortunately, I am not able to test it, but please fork the code on the MatlabCentral. Or, if others confirm and youa gree, I will integrate it into the current code (with credit).

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25 Jun 2013 James Wheeler

James Wheeler

I've written a few lines for envihdrread (at line 70) to allow for projections with whitespace in them (i.e. Geographic Lat/Lon). Apologies for clumsy script, I'm new to this...
if ischar(line{2})
line{2}=[line{1},' ',line{2}];
for n=1:numel(line)-1
line(numel(line))=[] ;

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22 Aug 2012 Benjamin


writeenvi.m produces error: Undefined function 'fix' for input arguments of type 'struct' in num2str using version 7.14(2012A).

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18 Jan 2012 Felix Totir

Felix Totir

@Jaroslaw Tuszynski: The provided function envidataread.m is esentially a wrapper around multibandread(). Even a hint towards multibandread is given in the comments on lines 88 and 90 of that function (please have a look at the code).

However, using multibandread alone requires *reading the header by a human*. The purpose of this little toolbox is exactly to automatize that operation (working with headers and data).

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18 Jan 2012 Jaroslaw Tuszynski

Jaroslaw Tuszynski

A better option is to use MATLAB's multibandread function

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30 Nov 2010 Margaret


Very useful for importing ENVI standard files into Matlab as well as outputing the results from a Matlab analysis back to ENVI! Runs fast - no compatibility issues with large files.

26 Jul 2010

improved description

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