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Circuit Analysis Toolbox

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The circuit analysis toolbox allows you to perform an AC analysis of a circuit.



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* Numerical analysis with only Matlab

* Symbolic analysis by adding the
Symbolic Math Toolbox

* Extensive help with the "help" and "doc"

* Extensive Web browser help with several

* Independent voltage and current source

* Resistor, inductor, and capacitor components

* Current dependent current source,
voltage dependent current source,
voltage dependent voltage source

* Component properties include type,
designator, value,
plus tolerance, and
negative tolerance

* GUI editing of component properties

* Any node can be designated as the
reference (or ground) node

* Each node carries and "accessible" property
indicating whether it has measurement

* Branch currents and node voltage results
accessed by component designator
and node name (not vector row number)

* Bode plots of any branch current or node
voltage with a single command

* Monte Carlo analysis with bode plots

* Perturbation analysis functions

* With the Symbolic Math Toolbox, writes
the equations for branch currents and node

Comments and Ratings (2)

Peter Knott

Peter Knott (view profile)

Unfortunately, this toolbox is not compatible to earlier versions of MATLAB because it makes use of a lot of object oriented programming where the syntax has changed.

Sven Koerner

Sven Koerner (view profile)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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