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Parity Check Matrices of DVBS2 codes

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This program can produce the Parity Check Matrices of DVBS2 codes.



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Copyright (C2010-2013) Yang XIAO, BJTU, April 16, 2010, E-Mail:
This program can produce the Parity Check Matrices of DVBS2 codes, while Ref. [1] remindes you that these codes are not good as the LDPC codes IEEE802.16e for continuous bits' errors.
[1] X. Huang, Y. Xiao, J. Fan and K. Kim, Girth 4 and low minimum weights' problems of LDPC codes in DVB-S2 and solutions,
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Wireless communications, networking and mobile computing table of contents Beijing, China, Pages: 601-604, 2009, ISBN:978-1-4244-3692-7
[2] Xiao Y., Kim K, "Alternative good LDPC codes for DVB-S2", 9th International Conference on Signal Processing, 2008. ICSP 2008. Beijing, 26-29 Oct. 2008, Page(s): 1959-1962
[3] DVB-S2 standard draft ETSI EN 302 307 V1. 1. 1[S]. 2004, 06.

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chest (view profile)

It is just a copy of matlab toolbox function dvbs2ldpc(R).

Yang Xiao

Yang Xiao (view profile)

Some persons want get shorten LDPC codes from DVB-s2 codes. There is no problem, pls carefully read Ref.[1], in which, we have provided solution for the problem, not difficult.
Yang Xiao, BJTU, 4-23

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