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This is a parallel algorithm to thinning a image by two stages.



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I did it mainly because matlab did not give the detailed code for thinning a image. So I used the same algorithm to present how thinning algorithm used in matlab and I wish to give a detailed one here.

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How to use this codes,? Not working in my compy.

show the detailed procedure, good job

Jiatong Ruan

Hi what's the difference between the algorithm you used here with the Zhang-Suen Thinning Algorithm? Thx




didik (view profile)

thanks, for the nice work, its help me more..
thank you so much,,

Roman Voronov

3d plz

thank u so much for the algorithm!!...;)

xiang fiona

Excellent! Have you extended it to 3D? I am looking forward to that.

dai zhengguo

dai zhengguo (view profile)

Hi, it is easy to be extended to 3D thinning. And I am planning to write this code.

xiang fiona

Good! Could you extend this to 3D?

stoic yan

It is a nice and useful one for us to study the thinning algorithm. Thanks and hope more out.

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