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Fractional Order Chaotic Systems

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Numerical solutions of the fractional order chaotic systems.

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This toolbox contains the functions which can be used to simulate some of the well-known fractional order chaotic systems, such as:
- Chen's system,
- Arneodo's system,
- Genesio-Tesi's system,
- Lorenz's system,
- Newton-Leipnik's system,
- Rossler's system,
- Lotka-Volterra system,
- Duffing's system,
- Van der Pol's oscillator,
- Volta's system,
- Lu's system,
- Liu's system,
- Chua's systems,
- Financial system,
- 3 cells CNN.
The functions numerically compute a solution of the fractional nonlinear differential equations, which describe the chaotic system. Each function returns the state trajectory (attractor) for total simulation time.

For more details see book:

Ivo Petras, Fractional-Order Nonlinear Systems: Modeling, Analysis and Simulation, Springer, Series: Nonlinear Physical Science, 2011, ISBN 978-3-642-18100-9.

or Chinese edition:

Higher Education Press, Series: Nonlinear Physical Science, 2011, ISBN 978-7-04-031534-9.

Zentralblatt MATH Database review:

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Very good submission, i am very interested by your works about fractional order systems. I have some preoccupations to plot the bifurcation diagrams in chaos systems using Fractional order.
An example could help me to solve my problem.
best regard!!!!


perfect,exactly what i needed,thank you for your selfless contribution 。

Thank you sir for your invaluable contribution.


An excellent contribution,thanks for your selfless share!

very useful to me. thanks

Very useful materials. Thank you very much.

John Mike

Thank you for your unselfish dedication!


Lizeth (view profile)

An excellent contribution. Thank you!


Jorge (view profile)

Hi I really appreciate your toolbox. I have a question. Does the numerical technique you have used in your code has a name? I mean the way you approximate the systems with the fractional derivatives has a name?. Thanks

Vembarasan V


Nguyen (view profile)

Plug-and-play workable code. Excellent!

maha hussein


ehs (view profile)

Xinsong Yang

very good, but when adaptive controller is added to them, some problems seems arise. Will the author teach me? Thanks.

nice it is so helpful for beginner...



Description update.


Updated description. Added tag.


Description update.


Added a link to book with more details.

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