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Single Phase to Single Phase Step down Cycloconverter

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This cycloconverter converts the ac frequency to ac frequency without the use of DC link.



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This cycloconverter is a step down cycloconverter. It converts the incoming line frequency to a lower frequency by the use of SCRs. The two bridge type controlled rectifiers are connected in anti parallel direction via 4 ideal switches. The time period of the ideal switches control the output frequency and the voltage can be varied by the firing angle of the SCRs.
By using 4 switches the grounds of both the converter is isolated.

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Saurav Kumar

kishjore raju

nikhil joshi

Thank you very much

Hadeed Sher

Hadeed Sher (view profile)

Yes, working on it.

Good effort, think some way to reduce the number of power switches
used. I guess there may be the way to eliminate the four central switches.

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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