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Optical_bench - a simple ray-tracing tool for optical systems.

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Optical_bench - a simple ray-tracing tool for optical systems built
with lenses, slits, transmission gratings, apertures and
screens. Lenses of general shapes can be modeled, with light rays
entering arbitrary angles. Several simple examples to build from are
given. Refractive index and transmission tables for 112 Sellmeier and
Ohara glasses are included.

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Very useful. Thank you.
Would it be possible to provide an example of a planar convex cylindrical lens. I am trying to model non circular optics. i.e. cylindrical optics.
e.g. a longitudinal section section thru a cylinder
Thanks Omaya.

Very nice Bjorn! I see that Carl asked about the addition of mirror elements, have these been implemented?

hind jawad

how can to instill optical bench. i have MATLAB 7


deng (view profile)

Mahesha MG


Ping (view profile)

thanks for this.. i adapted this for my code

Carl Witthoft

Any chance of some added modules for flat and spherical mirrors?


Don Wagner

I adapted this to test Fresnel Prisms (Rainbow Concentrators) and it was very usefull.

Don Wagner

Dan K

Dan K (view profile)

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MATLAB 7 (R14)
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