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Newton-Raphson Method for Non-linear System of 3 variables

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Newton Method to solve non-linear (also linear) systems of 3 variables.Very amicable



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You can solve non-linear systems of 3 variables. Only write "newtonv1" on the command window. Then write the 3 equations, the number of iterations y the precision tolerance. The partial derivatives for the gradients are calculated by the program

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bosko (view profile)

i keep getting this message.
!Error using diff
Difference order N must be a positive integer scalar.
Error in newton3v1 (line 35)
gradf1 = [diff(f1name,'x') diff(f1name,'y') diff(f1name,'z')];!

please help


Emre (view profile)

ok, i've found the problem, that was silly of me. i am getting a warning now, it says
"Warning: The method char/diff will be removed in a future release. Use sym/diff instead. For example diff(sym('x^2')).
After removal diff('x^2') will return diff(double('x^2')).
> In char.diff at 10
In Untitled at 34"
how can i get rid of this warning. Thanks


Emre (view profile)

Thanks for the code but i am getting this error please help me.

??? Error using ==> eval
Undefined function or variable 'e'.

Error in ==> Untitled at 62
fw3 = eval(f3name);

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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