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Foxboro I/A Series PIDA Blocks

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Provides a rudimentary implementation of the Foxboro I/A Series PIDA Block.



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This block implements the PID control equations found on page 1680 of the Foxboro I/A Series Integrated Control Block Descriptions Manual Volume 3, dated May 31 2006. Use this block when the target platform for a PID control design is a Foxboro I/A Series DCS.

These blocks have been field verified by the author and are designed to be directly compatible with the Foxboro equivalent PIDA blocks.

Depending on the level of interest, the block may be developed in the future to add further functionality.

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Paul Metcalf

Hi Gunter,
It's been a while since I developed and used these blocks.
From memory the main difference between the I/A Series PIDA Block and the Mathwork's/other PID implementations is with the treatment of the derivative. The I/A Series PIDA block dates back decades to when pressure control signal systems were commonplace and there was a need to subdue rapid changes in pressure signalling.
I don't have the details on me right now about the performance of the block in anti-windup and output limiting modes, but if you have a basic plant model available you could certainly test this out by making a comparison (this was the primary reason for me developing the block in the first place).
I hope that helps...

I'd like to exchange experience with the Foxboro's PIDA and the Simulink implementation.
(behaviour in output limitation situation, anti-windup implementation)



Added Butterworth measurement filter on PD, PID and NIPID blocks.
KD is Tuneable in all blocks (if applicable).
Blocks supplied pre-filled with default values.
Colour added to visually differentiate blocks.

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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